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Our Associate, Chad Seal is here to help. He is an independent agent that works with us here at Axis Insurance. We trust him and know that he will help you find the proper coverage.

Why work with Chad?

Are you looking for a local agent, an honest agent, an agent who will study any of your insurance needs to find the best solution, and an agent that has a motto to help you understand what you are covered for and what isn’t covered under your current plan?  Then you have found that agent, Chad Seal! Let me quote your auto/home/flood/specialty vehicles/or your business! If I can’t beat your current insurance, at least you will learn that your current agent is honest. I will also guarantee you will learn something new at the end of our meeting.

As an independent agent who knows the ins and outs of insurance, I want to educate you and personally help you understand your coverage options and what you are covered for. In our current “insurance industry” many people are confused or frustrated with what they “need” to have versus what they should have to protect them.  I want to change that, I want you to know exactly what you are covered for and I want to be there for you in the event of a claim. It’s important to me as an agent to help you protect your family and assets. I am here for you and want any of your insurance needs to be hassle free.

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